Salvar 14: Leotaur Camp

Construction log
Director Jeff Morgan
Leotaur POW Camp #1

Well, this camp is coming together with incredible speed! The buildings already have water and power and the security grid is already up and running. There is still plenty of work to do before we have a functioning town, but they tell me that it’s better for the Leotaurs to put many of these things together for themselves. We have twenty-three housing units put up and a community center as well as a number of shop spaces. A number of the staff from the Leotaur ward are going to be transferring here as well as a number of new staff. Some of the staff are going to be commuting here and some will be living on site. From a security perspective, having the staff live with the POWs is completely unorthodox, but that’s Prometheus for you. Salvar has accepted the position of deputy director of security, but I’m pretty sure that his understanding of the situation and ours still differs quite a bit. In the end I trust him to do a good job.

The shelter is also progressing well, although it will take much longer. It’s not exactly a good idea to hurry while drilling into a mountain. Having a strong place to hide in case of trouble is just one of those things you want to have. I have made the decision to have Salvar in the loop on this project even though it is high security. He has already made a number of suggestions for improvement that have proven the wisdom of that choice.

An alien POW who is also the deputy director of security. What an odd time we live in!

* * *

It has been a grand and exciting time in these last days here in the “ward.” We take a trip to the new village nearly every day and all of our group has had a chance to visit it and run under the open sky. This alone would have been enough to buoy our spirits but the Chaos-Kin have fulfilled their promise to give us hand devices! These wonderful artifacts are astounding beyond anything the seven peoples have ever created. I can grasp and flex each finger individually and they move with the same speed and grace of a real hand. They cannot match what the One Voice said for us to have because there is no feeling and the fingers and thumb, and they do not move side to side, but it is still a truly wondrous achievement.

They have also fitted some of the Fleet Ones who have lost legs with mechanisms that that have allowed them to walk again and they say that they should even be able to run again eventually. I have met two of the artificers who will be at the village every day to help us with these mechanisms. We have to trade out the hand artifacts each day so that they can be fed enough life to last the next day. I have gotten the impression from them that creating mechanisms to replace lost limbs is their life-work and having the opportunity to work with another people is an exciting challenge for them.

If this wasn’t enough, I have been placed once more on the warriors path! While I am only a reeve watching over the village, it is something that I never dreamed would be opened to me. The One Voice is truly wonderful and mysterious in his ways! I will have a place, duties and a stipend. Favla thinks that this means that I have been made a freeman once more, but I am more cautious. I know it is better to assume I still am a servant and be wrong than to assume I am a freeman and be wrong.

Favla has also been given place as a translator and scribe. She now has her own tablet that she works with constantly. She too has duties and a stipend and we both received a “baj” with our picture on it. She spends part of each day out among the Chaos-Kin teaching them the languages of the seven peoples. I have been taken out on many excursions into the underground kingdom of the Chaos-Kin with Jef the Guard, Leesha the Food Mother, Ahrik the Translator and Tessha. (I’m still not sure what Tessha does.)

Since I am a reeve now, Jef the Guard took me to a cave of weapons where I was allowed to fire weapon that took down Sekesh. They seem to be impressed with my marksmanship, but I am not. My artifact hands are not so accurate but the range was short and I was standing still. When we get to the village I will have to practice in a more properly challenging environment. I was allowed to observe the Chaos-Kin as they practiced their war arms. They have considerable aim and can hit a target from a great distance as long as they are standing still. I guess that is the Chaos-Kin way of combat.

Leesha the Food Mother took me to a great food market. She showed me many fruits and vegetables both familiar and unfamiliar. I was impressed with all the breads that they had, as I spent my youth in a bakery. They also had many meats and drinks (but no shakes). The most amazing thing that they had were foods encased in metal with their picture in paper wrapped around them. Almost as wondrous was the foods that had been frozen and the great devices that kept them cold. I am told that we will have such artifacts in the village as well.

Ahrik the Translator led Favla and I around the Great Market several times. They have so many wondrous and confusing things there that I always feel like a youngling there. Speaking of younglings, I saw many younglings of the Chaos-Kin at the markets. As you would expect, they were endlessly curious though wary. On my latest outing I was allowed to sit down in an area where they gathered and a few of the braver ones came up and questioned me and even clambered on my back. The younglings are so cute and fragile. I see why the Chaos-Kin defend them so fiercely.

Tessha has taken us an many outings around the kingdom, including out under the sky. She likes to run or ride one of the many mechanisms that the Chaos-Kin have to take them places. She encourages us to buy trinkets and decorations for our room, but if there is any real pattern to what she does, it is beyond me.

We are finally becoming a part of the world of the Chaos-Kin. They are still very strange to me and I still see that many fear the Fleet Ones, but we are no longer hidden in a hole and they have set us to tasks and fitting ones. I am filled with cautious hope that we might have a good life here together, for Favla’s sake. I will be content to keep our group safe from harm on the path of the reeve with Favla at my side.

* * *

 Occupational Therapist Report
Contessa Maldera,

This last week and a half has been great! We have finally seen the Leotaurs start to assert their individuality! Salvar and Favla have gotten jobs here at Prometheus and are doing great! I have been encouraging them to redecorate their rooms in their own style and to their own taste and it’s been awesome! They tend to like things in their rooms that are calm and centered and stay away from things that feel busy or in motion. This is in contrast to their everyday lives where they seem to be always in motion if not running. They love to run! If we ever start up selling things to the Leotaurs, the car makers are going to be the big losers! They could easily run forty to fifty miles a day if I could ever get an exercise program approved. At least I should be able to get things started over at the Leotaur Camp. I’m moving over there so that I can be right in the center of the action! We really need to give the Leotaurs freeway passes because they can outrun just about anybody on wheels! We also really need to figure out what equipment to get over to the camp so that they can start up their shops! At least we got the prosthetic hands to them and they have been practicing and practicing! I don’t know about Leotaur instruments yet, but at least we know that they can sing because Salvar sings all the time! Maybe we can get a chorus going or something, but we really need more female parts. Well, we can’t exactly order more Leotaur females. The Leotaur leaders must be like incredibly mean because they made sure that none of the Leotaurs we captured can have babies and I think that if Salvar and Favla had a baby that it would be so cute! Anyway, I am so psyched that the Leotaur Camp will be opening next week!

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One thought on “Salvar 14: Leotaur Camp

  1. Wow, that was a lot of exposition! This chapter is a little short, so if you think I should expand something into a scene, I am taking suggestions. I was trying to get across that Contessa (Tessha) is a tad hyper. (She has ADSS – Attention Deficit … Something Shiney!) Anyway the tale of the Leotaurs continues next week.


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