Salvar 9: Celebration

This morning has been one of high emotions. I was afraid that the stags would be angry and distrustful toward me, but instead, they were joyous that I had not been taken from them. They seem to think that now that the Chaos-kin know of my former status, it will increase that value of our entire group. Who knows if they are right or wrong? I can only trust that the path before me is the one that is meant for me.

The news of my pairing with Favla has brought me many well wishes tinged with a bit of envy from the other stags. Darca, the other doe, has drug Favla from my side and the two of them have spent a great deal of time in excited whispers. Despite our circumstances, the day has taken on a festive air. Although the big room is one of the largest halls I have seen, there is still not enough room to get up to speed before reaching the wall. I suggest a contest to see who can touch each wall ten times as a test of both speed and agility, although I must beg off because of my hobbled foot. After that we use the things in the room to set up courses with obstacles to dodge around or leap over. This continues until Leesha the food mother calls a break for lunch. Some of the stags are reluctant to abandon their games, but a firm calling of their names and a request to assist me in putting the rooms furnishings back in order are enough to bring them back to their senses.

As we are moving the tables back to their places, a stag stumbles and falls to his belly. I look to see that it is Tebdur. He is traveled such a long path that I fear that he has been injured. I moved to his side I noticed that Dug the examiner has come as well. Tebdur struggles to rise but is forced to sink back to his belly.

“Noble stag, is there any way in which I might aid you?”

Tebdur waves away my assistance, but let’s does the examiner look him over. “Ah my dear general, it seems my legs have traveled a bit too far this day I should be fine just a bit of rest.”

Doug the examiner turns to me, “Is he [something]?”

I waved to Favla, and she and Ahrik head over. “I am trying to tell Dug the examiner that Tebdur is tired because he is made so many journeys. He says he will be fine with the rest. Unfortunately, I do not know the words.”

She thinks for a moment and then asks for the tablet. She then draws furiously for a moment, and then shows us. It is a series of small, crude pictures of Leotaurs going through the various stages of life. The first picture shows a youngling with his family. The next few pictures show the youngling getting larger until he is an adult. It then shows him choosing a mate, and then having younglings of his own. After that are several pictures of him traveling and finally a picture of a grave barrow. She circles the last picture before the grave, and then points to Tebdur.

Dug the examiner and Ahrik talk between themselves far more quickly than I can follow. At this point, Tebdur tries to rise again, and succeeds. Although everyone seems to be relieved, I must wonder if they understood what we were trying to say.


Medical log
Dr. Douglas Parton
Subject Salvar

Well, today has been another day of unexpected discoveries. All of the Leotaurs were in an excited mood today. I think it was because Salvar and Favla became an official couple. They set up a number of games and played at them for several hours. Alisha thinks that it may be some sort of wedding celebration, but who knows. On the other hand, dang these guys are fast and agile. If there’s ever an inter-species Olympics, we are going to get creamed in the track and field events. It’s obvious that the provisions we have for exercise for the Leotaurs are wholly inadequate. I’ve sent a request to review this up the chain of command, but who knows if and when they will act on it.

The time that the Adjutant General has spent interviewing Salvar and Favla has brought about some unexpected benefits. We had been planning on bringing the members of the different races together for socializing since the beginning, but they had been separated for ease of treatment. The fact that we now know they had just been through a massive interspecies war where everyone was against everyone else has completely tossed that idea out the window. The general also spent some time working out phrases to get enemy soldiers to surrender. Favla turns out to know quite a bit about languages of other species. This gets me some hope that we can get some POWs that don’t look like they have been through a meat grinder. The patients I have seen so far have been victimized by soldiers on both sides and sometimes it makes me feel so helpless and angry, but then something like this gives me some hope that my efforts are making some kind of difference.

Medical log
Dr. Douglas Parton
Subject Tebdur

Tebdur collapsed today. We suspected that he is old because of his fur is mostly gray, but we had no way to know for sure that this was an indication of age in Leotaurs. One of the biggest difficulties in working with alien patients is that our equipment is designed to work with humans. This is especially true with the Leotaurs as their body layout is so different from ours. I need to contact the engineering department and see if they have made any headway on something like a wheelchair for Leotaurs. If Tebdur keeps having trouble, I want something we can do for him. Many animals, including people… er humans tend to fade away and die when they are no longer able to rise on their own. We learn from convalescent care that assisted mobility can allow them to continue to be active in interact which extends their lifespan. Hopefully this will be true with Leotaurs as well.

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One thought on “Salvar 9: Celebration

  1. OK, Who wants to take on a Leotaur in the 50 yard dash? Hurdles? Relay? I think we can hold our own in swimming (But wait till the Swamp-Kin enter) and the winter sports ( A Leotaur on skis would probably be hilarious.) Its probably obvious that Leotaur medicine is far behind ours, but each people have their own strengths and weaknesses.

    Scincerely, Scintor


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