Timeline Leading Up to the Taurian Invasion

The Taurian Invasion is a near future, hard science fiction story. I tend to not use hard dates as this can cause problems as the dates approach and can cause inconsistancies. So I will start my timeline at a significant incident in the Taurian Invasion universe which would still be in our future.

Y1 – The United Nations and the treaties that it supports come apart. This is caused by a number of factors.

1. Non-governmental militaries have gotten completely out of control. Different warlords across the third world as well as underground movements everywhere have realized that they can move against legitimate governments with relative impunity as long as they are in someone else’s territory. Significant portions of the globe are under the control of organizations who are not part of the UN and the permanent deadlock in the security council leads to a significant number of countries withdrawing from the council to deal with problems across international borders.

2. The World Bank collapses as the aggregate governmental debt exceeds triple the gross production of the world.

3.The United States of America faces a near second Civil War When the incumbent government is caught assassinating political opponents and illegally seizing their fortunes to try and prop up their government. The President tries to declare martial law and suspend the constitution, but the military will not back the up and they are arrested for treason. This causes the US to withdraw most of it’s military forces back to it’s shores while the government is reestablished. This leaves a massive power vacuum as the US was the primary enforcer of the UN treaties.

4. The resulting wave of unrest spread across the globe. This led to massive swelling in the ranks of ‘doomsday cults’ around the world. With money and followers pouring in, some of the cult leaders decided that it was time for their particular vision to come true. Uprisings, terrorist campaigns, cyber-attacks, protests, mass hysteria, and episodes of streaking became commonplace in nearly every corner of the globe.

Y 1-12  Some countries and regions fell apart completely, but most of the world’s governments simply stopped tolerating disruptive ideas and behaviors. They were a thousand separate conflicts and situations going on at once which became collectively known as The Troubles (from the news line “The Troubles going on around the world.”)
In free nations there were many who bemoaned the loss of rights and freedoms … who where then stunned by the lack of sympathy and hostility that they received. Almost every community had been hit by violence and death in those chaotic days and most people got just plain fed up with it. The conflicting desires for justice and safety led to a compromise. Those who were considered dangerous or unstable were taken far from the rest of society and placed in protective custody. In the US the official designation was the Reformation Facilities for Disturbed and Insane Individuals. Everyone else just called them the crazy camps. It wasn’t a perfect solution, but it worked for the times.
In nations where freedom and justice were not prized, there were a lot of unmarked graves.

Y 8 A conference is called to try and either revitalize or replace the UN in Atlanta. It is not the first or the largest such meeting, but it is arguably the most effective. A new international treaty organization is created: The Free Nations Compact. This new organization has strict admission criteria that require both dedication to the principles of freedom, and continued monitoring to see that these principles are being applied on a day-to-day basis for the general populations of member countries. One of the elements of the Atlanta Treaties is the formation of independent militias that are under the authority of their home country, but are authorized to operate in foreign territory under foreign governments.

Y 15+ When our story takes place.

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